5 years and even more in love :)!

Yes, it has been a long while.
Mak Yang’s last post was July last year. And updating this, seeing that this blog were first created in 2009, I’ve realized how long I’ve been in love in making toys.

There have been a couple or two looong loong breaks in between the years due to my commitment in study, although occasionally I had been taking orders from close family and friends. Now that I’ve completed my study, I’m all ready to start this passion again :)!

An updated catalogue was launched last July, and although it was only published in my facebook, Mak Yang has received a warm number of orders and am truly humbled by the long-standing support from you guys.

So in a nutshell, Mak Yang is back, needles and threads and all, just waiting for your request for your special toy. Buzz me tawan-tawan:)! Even just to say hello:)!

These are among the orders Mak Yang’d made recently. The butterfly is a custom-made request, and I’ve fall in love with it the minute after it was complete!
Firetrucks and vehicles are hot this time around, guess lotsa baby boys love them :)!

A special packaging, your toys are wrapped with lotsa love from Mak Yang 🙂


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